What is the meaning of life?

What's the meaning of life?

Cepi found it in An Old Black Marble.
Read it and you will too.

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We have been asking this question for thousands of years, yet the answer is still elusive, or is it? The idea that we have NOT yet discovered the answer to this question is a myth. Over the last two thousand years philosophers, scientists, and religious leaders have attacked this issue from every angle imaginable, and each have added a piece to the puzzle. The answer exists. The only reason it still feels like a mystery is because it is broken in pieces and scattered amongst the different disciplines.

Human beings are wired to think in terms of stories. Maybe it began with the discovery of fire, and sitting around it in camps over a good barbeque, listening to the tale of how it was caught. Over time those tales became elaborate epics, and today that legacy is our thinking and laughing mind that still enjoys a great story after a good meal. And this is what An Old Black Marble is; a story of being Human, and our place in this world.

The two things that all of us encounter on our journey through life is pain and the uncertainty of what comes next. These two subjects are the meat and potatoes of all religions, all philosophies, and at the root of science. With An Old Black Marble I decided to tell a story, in fact an epic tale, where by witnessing one man’s struggle in life we can see this process of fear, pain, confusion and the resulting strife and chaos, but also its resolution. Knowledge is key, but knowledge is the most time intensive and expensive commodity in this universe for any one individual to obtain. It took Ciprian Indre a lifetime to achieve it, but it will take you only the time to read his story to get it.

This is why An Old Black Marble is written like a fable. Like a campfire story about a man, his pain, his glory, because it is our story. A story made of the knowledge of all those that have come before us, and then expressed in a way we can all relate to, and in the end understand. So the first key to the meaning of life is understanding, and by reading An Old Black Marble… you will understand.

Read, enjoy, and email me your feedback whatever it may be.


Florin Nicoara



Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Biker is NOW available!

    Imagine The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, sprinkle in some Mad Max, and add a dash of The Terminator; so what’cha cooking?  THE BIKER!  Oh, and I almost forgot.  The garnish.  Yes.  The Biker is garnished.  Unlike the three a fore mentioned films the Biker delivers a little more, it has that extra touch that makes the difference between a good dish and a gourmet delight.  It is not only an exciting calorie filled action desert, but a well balanced feast, consisting of a hardy amount of dramatic nutrients capable of causing even the most hardened tough guy to shed, if not a full tear, at least a half.

    Are you hungry yet?  So what am I talking about here, food, film, or an engrossing novel?  It is neither food nor film, or film in food, nor food on film, but it is definitely food for thought.  The Biker is a fast paced action filled thriller that reads more like a movie in your mind than a book in your hands.

     The action in this tale is about a mysterious lone Biker, who seems to suddenly spring forth from the desert dust, like a lost horseman from some other apocalyptic time, unleashing a murderous rampage on the outskirts of Las Vegas.   Bruce, a decorated detective, and his protégé, John, arrive on the scene and come face to face with the horrific devastation unleashed by this single man.  Both detectives make it their mission to take this mad man down, but instead, embark on a journey of personal devastation blurring the lines between good and evil, right and wrong, and beyond their most terrifying nightmares.  Who is this man that seems more powerful than anything Bruce and John have ever confronted before?